Shell Lubricants demonstrates new on-road fuel-efficient technology

April 21, 20210

In May, Shell Lubricants will present an innovative Starship 2.0 that will reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Shell Lubricants will launch its a hyper-fuel efficient tractor-trailer Starship 2.0 next month. The truck has updated safety and fuel-efficient upgrades, as well as new chassis and drivetrain.

Shell Lubricants and AirFlow Truck Company will test Shell Starship 2.0 from coast to coast in the United States. The trip will begin in San Diego, California and end in Jacksonville, Florida.

“The ability to test Shell Starship 2.0 under different road and operating conditions is a great benefit as we prepare for the cross-country journey,” said Robert Mainwaring, technology manager for innovation at Shell Lubricants. “With many updates to the truck, it has given us the opportunity to make sure the new drivetrain and the efficient technologies built into the truck are all operating in concert with each other.”

Shell Lubricant Solutions has released a short video demonstrating how Shell Starship 2.0 can take Class 8 truck efficiency to the next level with cutting-edge innovation, hyper aerodynamic design, fuel saving technology and advanced lubricants.

The results will be shared later.

The Shell team work to improve the 2018 figure with the updated Starship 2.0.


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