Truck driver gets 11 years for truck stop stabbing

April 22, 20210

Truck driver who injured another trucker on November 21, 2019, during a dispute over parking, has been sentenced to prison.

On April 20, truck driver Charles Edward Jones Jr. refused to challenge the intentional stabbing and was sentenced to 11 years in prison with a 5-year suspended.

56-year-old Jones, was accused of stabbing in the Flying J truck stop in Frederick County, Virginia. The incident occurred after Jones argued with another trucker, Rodney Foley. The man asked Jones to move his truck to allow another truck to back into a parking space.

Jones complied, but then got out of the cab of his truck, grabbed the trucker and stabbed him. Police said the knife nicked the victim’s lung and was just two inches from his heart.

Following the incident, Foley was taken to the hospital for surgery. He has now completely recovered.

Police obtained the truck number through surveillance video when Jones fled the scene. Investigators traced him to a San Bernardino, California trucking company that hired Jones. Foley was able to identify Jones Jr. out of a photo.

Last March Jones was arrested in Los Angeles and extradited to Virginia.


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