What are middle aged CDL drivers afraid of?

December 2, 20210

Among truckers, you can often find both young guys and aged drivers. Many of them ask themselves whether age is important in freight transportation, whether it affects professional efficiency. We`ll try to figure it out today.  

Every second driver has fears related to aged professional efficiency. That at some point their age will cause the reduction at work, which means the loss of importance in society. This is possible, but not in cargo transportation.

Among the students of the training center Start CDL Training, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, there`re many who are well over 40. They immigrated to the United States in adulthood and didn`t give up, didn`t stop at unskilled labor. On the contrary, they have mastered an absolutely new specialty in a new country.

So what can scare the mature person who dreams of driving a truck?

For example, you may feel sorry for yourself that you can`t learn the material required to obtain a driver’s license or CDL. “Memory is no longer so good, and vision fails.”

Aleksey Ustimenko thinks differently: “I haven’t memorized anything for a long time, there was no need. And here I really remembered the university days when it was necessary to cram. But when you understand why you are doing this, it`s much easier to remember. You should only start and learn the base, and then, as if the oil was added to the gears, it will go by itself!”

A common problem is the fear of being judged by other drivers. “We`re afraid to be blunt, to seem stupid. In fact, here everyone came for their own path, few are interested in a stranger.” – the former director, and now the future truck driver Hasan Aliyev is sure. “I`m 46 and here at Start CDL Training I study truck driving. Age is the numbers that we draw for ourselves. You can be a young man at 50, and at 20 feel like a really old man.

If you aren`t afraid to learn something new, here you`ll feel young for a very long time,” Hasan continued. “They teach and train well here, and until they see that you`ve learned everything, you aren`t allowed to take the exam. It doesn’t matter how old you are!”

Among new truckers, there`re a lot of women who are successful mothers.

Alla Khrustaleva moved from Ukraine to Ohio and is incredibly happy about it: “For today, I cooked all the borscht and raised all the children to start making my dream come true. I think for my sons I will be an example that at any age what we plan comes true! “

Many couples go to trucking to spend more time together. “I graduated from the center, I want to get CDL and drive a truck with my husband,” Aizhan Kadanbaeva says frankly.

All these people – students and alumni of the training center, decided to change their lives and the starting point – “Zero Mile” – chose Start CDL Training.

You can also come and train to become a truck driver, fulfilling one of your possible dreams – self-realization, travelling or something else.

Remember that age isn`t a barrier to a dream!

Start CDL Training: 9300 Ashton Rd. Philadelphia.PA, 19114


+1 844-227-2162


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