Leading heavy truck manufacturer overtakes Tesla in all-electric trucks production

March 20, 20210

Freightliner is already testing its electric trucks with actual customers while Tesla is still on the test track.

Freightliner, American leading heavy truck manufacturer recently announced that its test fleet of electric semi-trailers have covered 700,000 miles. This is the equivalent of nearly 233 trips between Boston and San Diego.

“These are real trucks hauling real freight in the real world and racking up zero emissions mile after mile –  in excess of 700,000 thus far,” said Daimler spokesperson Fred Ligouri. “Through this process of co-creation with our customers, we are ensuring durability and reliability for series-built trucks, incorporating purposeful innovations, and furnishing the opportunity for more and more fleets to experience eMobility.”

Freightliner is currently testing two types of trucks. The first is a Class 6/7 eM2 truck used to bring the furniture food and other goods. The second is a Class 8 semi-truck eCascadia.


The company has a fleet of 38 preproduction electric trucks running around Southern California in the hands of regular customers as part of the Electric Innovation and Customer Experience fleet.

Tesla continues developing its Tesla Semi, but it looks like none of them have been tested by customers at this point.


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