8 Tips How To Choose the Best Training School To Get Your CDL

March 19, 20210

Much was said about the truck drivers’ work, how high is a demand for this job in the United States and what need the American economy has for truck drivers.

There are probably as many stories about “How I became a truck driver” as there are truck drivers themselves. Someone can’t imagine his life without traffic and road, someone chooses this profession because of a good salary, someone lost his job in his degree field and went to truckers, while others, for example, having immigrated to the USA, realized that this is the best way of adaptation in a new country and gives financial stability.

But no matter how many life stories there are, they all begin with the fact that the future truck driver must obtain a professional driver’s license. One would think what’s so difficult? But there are special rules and pitfalls in this area.

A CDL obtaining process has 2 stages: first theory, then practice.

With the theory it’s clear: you sit down with the textbook – Commercial Driver’s Manual – you digest information, study the Commercial Driver’s License Program, pass a computer test, if everything is OK, you get a Commercial Learner’s Permit (CLP) and go to the second stage to get a desirable “plastic card”. This is a preparation course for the CDL exam, with a theoretical part and driving practices.

And from here on, future truckers begin their search for a school where they can take this course and successfully pass the exam at the first try. Social networks are full of posts asking to recommend the training center and the comments in these posts are replete with a dozen different recommendations: starting with the school where the person studied himself or where a friend works, to direct advertising from the school.

That’s why, realizing what a difficult choice a person faces when choosing a training center, we decided to collect the main, but the most important points you need to pay attention to in order to save your time, money and start earning as soon as possible.

In most cases, people draw attention to the cost of training. And probably this is the first mistake. The price should consist of “content”. Accordingly, we put this point at the very end. And now about the content.

Check the rating and Google reviews about the school.

What they are about and how often they are left, as well as how often they are answered and whether they are answered at all; they are written in many languages, etc. And don’t forget to browse the training center`s website.

Did you receive atutorial? You should have it.

Ideally, when classes start on the same day you registered for the course. Did you receive a tutorial? You should have it. It’s good if the tutorial has been translated into different languages for ease of use. In addition, you must have a choice to study: on a truck with an automatic or a manual transmission; receive category “A” or “B”.

Be sure to ask about the number of instructors at school.

If there are few instructors and students teach each other, then it isn’t an option. This is your lost time and knowledge. What kinds of instructors are there: for training Truck inspection; for training Trailer Inspection; for training In Cab Inspection and Air Brake test; several instructors for practicing maneuvers on the site, for educational driving around the city and an instructor who accompanies students to the exam.

The number of training trucks.

The more there are, the more intensively you study, and don’t sit around waiting for your turn. There must be trucks: for studying theory; for training on the yard; for educational driving around the city and a separate one on which students take an exam.

The process of your learning becomes uninterrupted.

On condition that the training center is open 7 days a week and provides students with a flexible and individual schedule of education and training. It makes possible to complete training within a short time. Only in such training center you won’t waste your time waiting – when cars or instructors get free and, of course, the exam will be assigned to you as soon as you are ready.

What percentage of students pass the exam at the first attempt.

That’s another important point: how many test centers administer an exam to students of this particular school and how often there are exams.

Having an online program at school isn’t just cool!

2020 has made its own adjustments to the learning process. An online course on the school’s website makes the process independent of many circumstances: restrictions related to quarantine and, most importantly, your distance from the school. After completing the PTI course online, all you have to do is come to school to learn how to drive a truck. This will save your time and money on living expenses during studying if you are currently working or living in another state.

What else can the training center do for you?

If you go by plane to study in another state, it will try to help you find cheaper air tickets, meet you at the airport or at the bus station, and offer accommodation near the school. And also …it will help you find a job in reliable transport companies with which you will cooperate for a long time. That`s important for school`s reputation that its graduates are hired for sure.

And now, after carrying out such analysis, look at the cost of the course. It may be unreasonably different from school to school, from state to state.

If the training center meets the above criteria, if you understand that its purpose is to prepare you for what awaits you in a new profession, and at the same time the price doesn`t “bite”, feel free to start learning. As the task of such school is to make you a professional, and not to earn “big money “. Its goal is to keep up a reputation and be competitive for years to come. 

The site www.whattatruck.com conducted its research and opinion poll, as a result we found a training center that meets all of the above points. We recommend to those who are looking for a school today to pay attention to the Start CDL Training center. It has been functioning in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) since 2015, has given the opportunity to master a new profession for more than 5000 graduates from almost all states of our country, many of whom got their first job thanks to the recommendations of Start CDL Training.

We are being sure of this information, and even decided to share with you the contact and the website of the training center.


1 844 227 2162


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