Truck driver overtime payment bill likely to be rejected

May 26, 20220

A law aimed at enforcing overtime pay for truckers is frowned upon by some shippers. They plan to take action if the bill is still signed.

In April, Rep. Andy Levin of Michigan introduced legislation to guarantee overtime pay for truckers.

“Truck drivers across the country face harsh working conditions, characterized by low wages and irregular working hours. As a result, the trucking industry is experiencing extremely high employee turnover as truckers can`t keep up with the thankless demands of their jobs. We will all benefit when truckers get what they are entitled to,” commented Levin.

The Independent Driver-Owner-Operators Association and the Truck Safety Coalition (TSC) supported the bill.

However, not everyone agrees with Levin’s opinion.

Jeff Tucker, chairman of the NITL Highways Committee and CEO of truck brokerage Tucker Company Worldwide, said the law has a “potential threat” to the industry because “in theory, drivers would have to pay for a lot of time they’re currently not being paid for.”

Representatives of NITL believe that the bill will not receive sufficient support.

Moreover, some companies plan to take appropriate measures so as not to “disrupt the progress they made in the deregulation of freight trafffic.”

Levine acknowledged that his bill could be defeated as it is difficult to move any legislation forward in the current Congress.


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