DOT Colorado opens Independence Pass not for all truck drivers

May 27, 20220

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has reopened the popular mountain pass for tourism, but has banned some truckers from entering.

On May 26, Colorado Highway 82 reopened Independence Pass. However, CDOT reminds commercial vehicle drivers that any vehicle 35 feet or more in length is prohibited from using an Independence Pass.

Vehicle traffic is restricted due to the sharp curves in the road, steep climbs and narrow lanes in some parts of the way.

“In order to reopen the road for the 2022 season, crews fixed potholes, cleared rockfall and repainted (striped) the roadway. Cracked or loose rock is common along CO 82 on Independence Pass and can develop due to regular and frequent freeze/thaw cycles in mountainous locations with year-round winter weather,” CDOT noticed.

Truck drivers who are caught at Independence Pass will receive a $1,000 fine. Additional charges will apply for towing. Also, the fine can increase to $1,500 if the truck using the pass blocks the passage.


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