Young driver mistake bumped fatal accident

February 8, 20220

On Monday morning, in Florida, was a fatal accident involving two trucks. The accident happened on Interstate 75.

Witnesses say black Toyota driven by a 19-year-old boy veered off the lane onto I-75 and crashed into the back of a tanker. As a result, Toyota rolled and remained on the lane.

White Toyota behind it began to brake to avoid the wrecked car, but was hit from behind by Ford, resulting in a second crash.

The driver of Lexus stopped and got out of the car to offer assistance to people injured in the accident.

Meanwhile, a southward truck crashed into wrecked black Toyota. The chain reaction caused white Toyota to push Ford, which fatally hit the driver of Lexus.

The truck drove on and crashed into a metal fence.

Both truckers involved in the chain reaction were unharmed. Both Toyota drivers, along with Ford driver, were injured.

The unknown Lexus driver died at the scene.


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