New training standards for truckers: everyone should know this

February 8, 20220

Federal regulations went into effect on Monday that set new basic standards for Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT).

Those who received a CDL before Monday aren`t required to complete training to receive the appropriate CDL.

However, if an applicant who received a Commercial Learning Permit (CLP) by Monday receives a CDL before the CLP expires, the applicant won`t be subject to the ELDT requirements.

If you run a training center or school, here are a few important clauses to help you comply with the new rules.

Training program update

Entry-level drivers must complete the new driving theory and training program before taking the CDL skills test provided by a school or other entity on the FMCSA Training Provider Register (TPR).

The new program includes theory (fundamentals of operation, safe operating procedures, best practices, vehicle systems and fault reporting, and non-driving activities) and practice – driving on the road or testing area.

Instructors` Qualifications

Theory and Driving Instructors must hold an appropriate CDL class for at least two years and have either two years of driving experience or two years of experience as a commercial vehicle driving instructor.

The ELDT regulation doesn`t require a min. number of driving hours. The instructor himself has the right to determine when the student has already learned how to drive a freight transport well.

TPR Registration

All training programs provided by training centers, schools and fleets must be listed on the TPR. Schools are required to certify that training program and traffic theory are in line with the new ELDT standards. Students who attempt to obtain a license from an unregistered school will be rejected by a state agency.

Documents and records related to training must be kept for at least three years from the date of creation. Including trainee driver documentation, including self-certification of compliance and a copy of the CLP; instructor qualification documentation, including a copy of the CDL; a copy of the registration submitted to TPR; lesson plans for theory and practice.

Proper equipment and facilities

Trucks used for new driver training must meet applicable federal and state safety requirements and be of the same group and type that trainee drivers intend to drive for their CDL skills test.


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