Woman staged accident involving trucks in Louisiana escapes jail

December 20, 20210

A woman from Houston, involved in staging numerous accidents in Louisiana, won’t go to jail after sentencing.

Janetta Isreal from Houston was sentenced to six months of home imprisonment as part of a three-year probation. The verdict was passed on Thursday by US District Judge Eldon Fallon.

The frauds developed a scheme: the car driver, with the fake passengers, arranged a collision with the trucks. Most of the accidents occurred in Louisiana, in the New Orleans metropolitan area.

Passengers of the car reported various injuries as a result of the accident. Also they filed lawsuits and made attempts to determine. In some cases, the payments were much higher, unnecessary surgeries were performed to prove that the “injuries” were serious. Isreal pleaded guilty in August.

The rest of the participants in the plotted road accidents were found guilty or convicted. Mario Solomon, who did the cushy job in the scheme, got less than two years in January. Married couple Anthony Robinson and Audrey Harris were sentenced to four years in prison in July. These are all reports of judgments handed down by the courts prior to the sentencing of Isreal last week.

The case brief includes the familiar names of those who were involved in the planning and execution of the simulated accident: Solomon, Damian Labo, who pleaded guilty to many of the staged accidents, and Larry Williams.

Williams brought Isreal into the scheme, according to a statement from the US attorney. However, no charges were brought against the doctors who “treated” the scammers.

Isreal is now required to pay damages in the amount of $ 28816,64 and pay an obligatory fee of $ 100.


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