Hundreds honored memory of trucker died in accident

December 21, 20210

Last weekend, the trucker’s family from Sacramento gathered at the scene of the accident to honor the memory and mourn the good man.

Baljot “Bally” Singh Badyal, 35, died in an overturned truck on Interstate 5.

To the place of memory came not only relatives, but also friends of lost. However, it turned out to be much more people than expected. Several hundred people gathered near the Del Paso exit of the I-5 North Route.

“He had a different type of love and a different type of energy,” said Badyal’s nephew, Ravnoor Gill.

It was this energy and love that made family and friends stand among the wreckage of the accident to mourn Badyal.

“He would do anything for anyone. He was the sweetest soul in the world,” said friend Jagdeep Chima.

“He’s a Sacramento legend. Graduated from Natomas High School in 2005, he made it popular.” – said Gill.

Chima said that his friend was selfless, loving and always put others ahead of himself.

“He showed me more love than my older brother,” Chima said. “The last words he said to me was: “Chima, you need to stop being a truck driver, you need to be a professional photographer because this is your niche,” and then he said, “I haven’t found mine yet, but you need to do this.” The next day I went and quit my job and I’m going to do it for him.”

Family and friends said that Badjal’s unselfish love made him special, and this is the reason why many people wanted to show their love for him and came to honor his memory.

“Everyone has a purpose in this life, and his goal was to connect with as many people as possible, help them with their problems and bring a smile on their faces,” said Sunny Badyal.

“Always stay positive. This is what my uncle did,” added Gill.

An investigation of the accident is still ongoing as no other vehicles were involved.


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