USDOT Officials appreciate Truckers’ contribution more than ever before

September 20, 20210

The truckers play an essential role in the country’s economic prosperity and highway safety, according to US Department of Transportation officials.

At an event at central office on September 16, the department honored commercial vehicle drivers in recognition of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. 

“Truckers are the life force of our economy. More than 3,5 million professional truck drivers transport 70% of the country’s cargo,” said Carlos Monier, Deputy Transport Minister for Policy. “The basic nature of the work that truck drivers do every day, often behind the scenes, is critical to the national economy, public health and road safety.”

Mira Joshi, Deputy Administrator of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Administration, highlighted the contributions of truck drivers.

“As we become more and more dependent on e-commerce, as well as in the face of the pandemic and climate crises, their critical role becomes even more evident,” she said. “Truck drivers, with their wide presence on motorways, set the tone for motorway driving.”

Joshi continued, “The professionalism of truckers and their attentiveness to driving saves lives every day.”

The event was attended by Henry Brewster, captain of America’s Road Team and professional TForce Freight driver.

“My love for trucks and trucking began at a very early age,” Brewster said. “As a kid, I always wanted to get into a truck, talk to a driver, and grow up to be one of the drivers I adored as a child.”

Next to Brewster was April Coolidge, captain of America’s Highway Team and a professional driver at Walmart Transportation.

The National Appreciation Week is meant to strengthen the industry’s role in ensuring security and the economy.

Chris Speer, President of the Freight Forwarders Association of America, said: “They are the first to respond to a crisis. And when others stay at home, they hit the road, delivering what the country needs.”


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