Moviemaker became Trucker and never regretted this

September 21, 20210

“Sometimes you have to do it – turn over your life by 180 degrees,” told Whattatruck director and presenter Hasan Aliyev, who now can`t imagine himself outside the truck.

Hasan came from Pittsburgh to train as a trucker. In the past, he had 20 years of experience in filming, theater and on TV.

As a graduate of Start CDL Training, Hasan shares his experience on trucking and getting a CDL in the States.

“Trucking is sharp enough but interesting turn for me. We are all creative individuals and sometimes we need a completely fresh start.

Someone goes to a monastery, someone gets nirvana, and I went on a truck.

By virtue of my experience, I realized one thing – my past sphere consisted of constantly looking for sponsors and dancing to someone’s tune. It was very exhausting, really. Now I can create conditions for myself to work comfortably on my own. I`ve probably dreamed of such work all my life …”

When Hasan moved to America, he didn`t expect that someone would wait here for him or even teach something. As he says, there is no ideal model of life, because you always face some difficulties on the way.

“But even if you are 50 or more (and I`ve met such people more than once at the Start CDL Training school), it`s not the reason to think that you won`t succeed. Age is an overblown barrier. You can be a kid at 50, and an old man at 20. If you initially set limits and are afraid of the world, you will be afraid even within four walls.”

The training center where he studied, Hasan dearly calls “the school of life.”

“When they put us in a truck and taught us how to do various figures, everyone succeeded in different ways. One student did it right away, the other only after five lessons. And It`s not because he isn`t normal, just because everyone has its own path. You need to remove your delusions, not compare yourself with others, and everything will work out.

There is one interesting thing in psychology – it`s harder to be an A student than a C student. And all because the A students invent non-existent obstacles for themselves at every turn. While going to their goal, they like to complicate everything… So sometimes it`s useful to be that “fool” and not invent too much for yourself, because in this school teachers will show and tell everything.

The instructors here communicate in both English and Russian. So you don’t even have to worry about the language.

If you decide to become a trucker and you like it – you don’t have to think for a long time, just go and learn to be a trucker! Lots of stay here for many years…

We all work for money for a very long part of our life, striping ourselves of our time and our own goals. A dream it`s not working for money, but when money works for you. Truckdriving gives me the opportunity to work when I want to, and that’s great.

It’s kind of romantic – you drive, see many different states, meet different people, and you also make good money on it. Combo, isn’t it?”

Start CDL Training is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and teaches students from all states.

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