“Truck Drivers Do Not Support Driver-Facing Camera In Their Cabs” – Survey

October 17, 20210

Companies strive to improve truck driver’s safety and prove trucker’s innocence in the accident. That is why many have installed driver-facing cameras in the trucks. But do truckers like it?

A recent survey found that 68% of truck drivers “would never give up their privacy”.

24% of long-distance truckers agreed with the statement “I will tolerate them, but I don’t like them”, and 5% of truckers agreed with the statement that “It will protect me from liability in an accident”.

Most drivers believe that driver-facing camera is not only an invasion of privacy, but also discomfort for the driver. “You always need to be on the lookout, because you never know who is watching you. The heads and dispatchers should be forced to drive with cameras that monitor them and see how they enjoy the violation of their privacy.”

Some drivers say that “any company that requires a driver-facing camera is violating their constitutional rights to privacy.”

However, there is also the opposite opinion, “It has been proven to help companies reduce the number of crashes. I don’t understand what kind of privacy they are losing. Rather incriminating evidence! “

Richard Davis commented the survey, “This is an invasion of privacy. It’s simple. Security has nothing to do with it, it’s all about control. Yes, it can help the truck driver from time to time, but the company is using cameras to get their own benefit. The truck is also home to some truck drivers. This is another reason people should stay away from shipping.”

Trucker Raymond Barker says, “If you’re not doing anything wrong or illegal, there shouldn’t be a problem unless they are watching you during your free time.”


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