5 Tips On How Professional Truck Drivers Can Earn Respect

October 18, 20210

Do today’s professional truck drivers deserve respect? Definitely, but as it turned out you still need to fight for it…

Unfortunately, over the past decades, the image of truckers has been ruined greatly. There are rumors among experienced truck drivers that respect for yourself and the profession is much harder to earn than it used to be.

However, you need to start with self-respect, dear driver!

1. Have you ever seen a doctor or lawyer come to work in track pants or a T-shirt with spots all over the belly? Many drivers allow themselves to look sloppy. We`re not talking about the dress code, but about taking care of your appearance and attitude towards your chosen profession.

2. It is also important to remember that transport companies are not charitable organizations and you don`t owe them anything. They are part of your professional field. And if they show no respect for your work, then maybe it’s time to find a better company to work with.

3. If you are looking for a promotion and feel like you need to earn more because you are doing the right job, don`t hesitate and ask. Leaving a company that doesn’t appreciate you can be tricky, especially when you really need a job. However, this is the only thing that can give these companies a signal that they are doing something wrong.

4. Act like the professional you are. To gain respect, you need to not only speak, but also break through. Make sure you act and present yourself well to the carrier, shippers, consignees, customers and other truck drivers.

5. Bring mentoring to trucking. Drivers who share useful tips with newbies for free, give recommendations on where the best truck stops or truck servicing services are located, soon earn not only good money, but also positive authority. Share your many years experience and knowledge – and you will be respected.

Truckers are the foundation of every country. Remember, the economy would`ve stopped without you. Demanding self-respect gives you a better standard of living not only for your family, but sometimes it can even save your life!


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