INDOT Updated Weight Restrictions For Heavy Trucks

October 17, 20210

Indiana Department of Transportation is imposing weight limits on exits I-65 / I-70 in the center of Indianapolis. The restrictions are related to the North Split project.

The new restriction came into effect on Sunday, October 10, and will remain until November 2022, as INDOT announced.

INDOT also said that this measure would reduce traffic congestion, prevent damage to infrastructure and improve the safety of passengers and pedestrians.

Vehicles with the fully loaded weight over 13 tons aren’t allowed using exits I-65 / I-70 on Michigan and Ohio (Exit 83A) and Washington Street exits from I-65 North / I-70 East (Exit 111).

Vehicles over the weight limit that have used these ramps as the shortest route should use the official North Split bypass on I-465 to avoid construction sites in the city center.

Signs that indicate weight limits are posted on I-70 westerly before exits, and on I-65 north and I-70 east before entering South Split.

Once the signs are in place, the restrictions will come into force.

Indiana State Police will be stationed near appropriate ramps to enforce restrictions and reroute heavy trucks to the appropriate bypass.


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