TOP-3 daily routines of American truckers

September 13, 20230

In honor of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, several hundred American truckers were surveyed to understand the most common challenges they face.

Maintaining Physical Health

• Drivers reported that finding time to exercise on the road is much more difficult than at home due to fatigue from driving all day (52%), lack of time (48%), lack of access to exercise options (48%) and difficulties associated with finding a place to park a truck where you can do sports (42%).

• Most truckers move little, as most only stop once (11%) or twice (49%) a day to exercise or stretch; 36% stop three or more times a day.

• 90% of drivers surveyed indicate that they train at least once a week, the majority (69%) say they only train once or twice a week.

• Of those who exercise, they most often go somewhere outdoors (44%), preferably a park or hiking trail (40%), although 40% indicated they would exercise in their truck if necessary.

Food on the road

• Truck drivers have difficulty finding healthy food options on the road, mainly due to parking (according to 43% of respondents), lack of access to healthy food options (41%), lack of time (40%), and inability to cook in the truck (36%) and cost (34%) – buying healthier foods is expensive.

• More than a third (36%) of those surveyed said their primary way of eating on the road is from fast food, although eating at non-traditional places such as gas stations and truck stops is also quite common (30%).

• 59% of truck drivers surveyed believe they eat healthy on the road, but more than a third (37%) say they cook their own meals fairly regularly.

Mental health

• 84% of truckers surveyed said they were satisfied with their current job, a figure that rises to 93% among those with low overall job stress levels.

• 88% of respondents say they have high (26%) or moderate (62%) levels of overall stress at work, while only 12% rate it as low.

Thus, the most common “tests” for truckers in the trucking industry are healthy eating, activity, and occasional stressful situations.

However, most truck drivers are happy with their employment and good pay once they get their CDL and get behind the wheel of a commercial truck.

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