5 Factors When Choosing Training Center for CDL

September 6, 20220

Training school for truckers can open the door to promising opportunities. At the same time, even if you successfully pass the CDL, but choose an unsuccessful educational institution, you can be left without further employment.

Below we list 5 factors to consider when choosing a training center for a trucking job.

1. Review social networks

Surf the Internet and find more information about the training center you like. Look for students` feedbacks and make sure the school is licensed to run government-approved courses.

Many training centers actively manage social networks, YouTube channel, Facebook. It indicates that the center`s work is transparent and worthy of attention.

2. Equipment

Positive learning experience will require access to learning resources. Ask potential training centers about the number of students and instructors, the type of equipment used, and where the training will take place.

3. Employment

Schools and training centers often partner with fleets that hire green drivers.

When registering, ask where graduates work, contact transport companies to confirm that there are partnerships between these organizations.

Ensuring employment after graduation from the training center is extremely important. After all, many schools simply help students get a license, and not start a career.

4. Commitment to safety

The training center should emphasize safe driving.

Ask for a copy of the safety data sheets for the students and instructors who will be teaching.

5. Location

The location of the training center, as well as the quality of education, plays an important role in the cost of education.

But technology doesn`t  stand still and Start CDL Training launched an online training format that can be taken at home or in any convenient place.

The course includes Pre Trip Inspection, Air Brake and In-Cab Inspection. Each student is assigned an online consultant, whose task is to explain students how works the platform where they are trained and prepare them for passing the entire theoretical part of the exam.

For students who have difficulty with English, the training center developed a language course in which students study individually online with a teacher.

Next to the successful completion of online training, there is a driving course with experienced coaches directly on the territory of the training center, in Pennsylvania.

5. Pricing

All training comes with a market price, and a CDL that is too cheap can be a sign of fraud.

Lower price can mean poor quality training, savings on materials and equipment. Often, after such inferior courses, drivers are forced to spend money on finding professionals and additional classes.


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