“Tired of potholes and traffic jams”: 715 billion granted to improve US roads

July 3, 20210

Legislation is updating the country’s road and wastewater policy, spending colossal amounts of money on infrastructure.

The Law on Investments in a New Vision for the Environment and Land Transport (or “INVEST”) provides for the renewal of wastewater management and infrastructure policies.

The US House of Representatives backed the $ 715 billion investment by 221 votes against 21. The bill’s authors voiced provisions on climate change, as well as proposals to facilitate the modernization of freight and passenger transport corridors.

“Americans are tired of potholes in the roads, constant traffic jams, delays in buses and slow trains, and dirty sewers that hardly work. This is all the result of a lack of investment in our infrastructure and our future, ”said Chairman of the Committee on Transport and Infrastructure Peter DeFazio (Oregon). “The great thing it`s an American problem, and America can solve it. With the passage of the America Investing Act today, the House has taken a courageous and urgently needed step to build the future, to counter the threat of climate change due to carbon emissions. Upgrading our transportation systems will improve the lives of hundreds of millions of people. “

The bill will approve about $ 300 billion in funding for highway systems and about $ 100 billion in transit operations.

In the area of ​​trucking, the law provides $ 1.5 billion from FY2023 to FY2026 for operations and safety programs at the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Administration.

There are also plans to create a Truck Leasing Task Force to review leases, assess hiring practices targeted at commercial drivers, and inspect truck safety fences.

Transport stakeholders praised the adoption of this law and called for further action.


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