Why are hackers dangerous for truckers? Everyone should know this!

July 2, 20210

After cyberattacks on the largest US Pipeline in May, which almost left all states without fuel, the FMCSA decided to take a closer look at the issue of data protection in cargo transportation.

The modern truck is connected to a multitude of devices – GPS, electronic registration devices (ELD), mobile apps, they help generate data for transport companies. The main goal of cybercriminals is to gather information about where the trucks are in order to steal or detonate cargo. Therefore, safety measures must be in place long before the driver takes the wheel.

Take note these recommendations, they will certainly be useful!

• Drivers must receive specific training for prevention cargo theft and drive with increased awareness.

• Security technology should be used for routing cargo. There are GPS tracking systems that can activate alarms if the truck has gone out of way.

• Drivers must regularly contact the dispatcher!

• Drivers must work as a team to keep the load moving.

• Drivers mustn`t be allowed to take cargo home. If they need to stop, it should be in a well-lit area or in a safe yard.

• If there is a need to park, trucks should be parked close to the building. This will prevent the trailer doors from opening and theft of the load.

• Drivers must be careful with the information they provide about the truck or route. They do not have to talk about the load or tell everything about their route indiscriminately.

• Autopark owners must have a plan in case of truck theft. Remember that the lives of drivers are more important than the load! It is better to give the load to a thief than to be injured defending it. Keep a business card with company information and contact numbers ready at hand in case of cargo theft and notify authorities immediately.

• All drivers must follow delivery and receipt protocols. They must request identification from those who unloading the trucks.

• Carefully monitor employees who have access to important information.

• Drivers should always lock the truck and take their keys with them when leaving the trailer.

• Watch out for people who claim you hit their car. This is a trick that thieves use as a strategy to get people to stop.

Cyberattack is an issue that affects all industries in the 21st century, from suppliers to autoparks, from service technicians to truck drivers.

Therefore, the fight against it must be approached consciously and seriously!


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