A scheme of intended accidents involving trucks was revealed!

July 3, 20210

The couple from New Orleans were caught in a fraudulent scheme of organizing accidents involving trucks.

Anthony Robinson, 67 years, and Audrey Harris, 54 years, were sentenced to 48 months in prison after the couple pleaded guilty to multiple truck accidents.

The purpose of the frauds was to make money on insurance companies and deceived truckers.

According to court documents, the charges are related to the fact that Robinson paid the “ringleader” of the scheme, Damien Labeaud, $ 2,000 to participate in a staged accident involving a truck, it occurred on October 13, 2015.

Harris, Robinson’s daughter Keishira Robinson, and Robinson’s friend and neighbor Jerry Shaffer got into a car driven by Roderick Hickman. Hickman later admitted guilty to faked accident.

Hickman deliberately crashed into a truck in the Alvar Street and Alvar Street areas. Then Robinson, who was in Lebeaud’s car, got behind the wheel and stated that he was driving when the accident happened.

After the accident, Robinson and the rest of the passengers in the car were directed to a lawyer who paid Labeaud and Hickman to fake the accidents. Lawyers sent Robinson and Hickman to medical centers for treatment.

The documents also say that Robinson and Harris “underwent comprehensive treatment” to add value to their claim.

In this way, the couple earned in total $ 4.7 million.

The judge ruled that Robinson, Harris and their associates should pay damages totaling $ 5 073 358.25.

Both Robinson and Harris must be under supervision for three years after being imprisoned. All incomes got by fraud will be transferred to the government.


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