The Colonial Pipeline “did Stupid thing” by paying hackers $ 5 Million

May 20, 20210

The Colonial Pipeline is resuming work step by step. However, not everyone is satisfied with “the pay-off” from cybercriminals.

After the cyberattack, the Colonial announced that it would resume work on Wednesday. But also warned that it may take several days to normalize the supply chain.

Experts report that President Biden is upset about the buying off cybercriminals. As just recently, he signed the long-awaited federal order about cybersecurity reinforcements and protection of the United States from future attacks.

Mr. Biden sought to emphasize the administration’s efforts to combat the rising number of ransomware attacks, citing Wednesday’s executive order on cybersecurity.

Some cybersecurity representatives believe that all efforts were completely wasted. After the Colonials paid hackers the full amount, the criminals didn`t hurry to help the company and staff started restoration by itself.

The FBI made an objection, but didn`t forbid paying hackers. As is known ransom can encourage criminals to continue attacking other companies. DarkSide hackers use extorter-programmes, they develop and sell cyber-blackmail tools to other criminals.

Earlier it was reported that the Colonial Pipeline was subjected to a devastating cyberattack and shut down for five days. This led to a reduction in supplies throughout the US. About 5 500 miles of the pipeline in the United States were closed, that led to gas supply problems in the south-east states.

As result supplies of diesel, gasoline and jet fuel were reduced, prices shot up and several states declared an emergency.


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