Truckers are now protected in court by new bill

May 21, 20210

Texas passed a bill that will protect truck drivers from legal proceedings.

The bill was passed by the Texas Senate on May 19 in a 31-0 vote.

“Today, the Texas Senate was heard loud and clear – Texas businesses matter,” John Esparza, president of the Texas Trucking Association, said. “With the unanimous passage of House Bill 19, the trial process will continue to ensure accident victims are compensated when wrongfully injured, while also protecting businesses across the state from biased and unfair courtroom tactics.”

Previously, Texas judges allowed or prohibited photo and video evidence at their own discretion. In some cases, it is known that those evidences were not taken into account or were considered inappropriate.

New bill includes a provision that allows certified photographs or videos of a vehicle or object involved in a collision to be used as evidence.

Another provision in House Bill 19 bifurcates the litigation, highlighting the accusations of unsafe motor carrier safety to the second phase.

Also, the amendment extended the period for keeping records of drivers’ employment, drug and alcohol testing, as well as the employer’s obligation to investigate a driver’s employment application.

“Lawsuit abuse is not a partisan issue, and throughout the legislative process, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have come together to provide feedback and support this common-sense fix to a serious problem that affects every sector of Texas’ economy,” said a statement by the Keep Texas Trucking Coalition.


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