Parcel delivery duty is likely coming soon in Pennsylvania

July 17, 20210

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation plans to impose a duty on parcels that are delivered to the state.

Pennsylvania`s governor Tom Wolfe recently received a proposal to tax $ 0,25 on every parcel delivered by Amazon, UPS and FedEx.

PennDOT thinks the tax will bring up to $ 200 – 250 million a year to the state budget. The tax is viewed as a funding source after PennDOT reported a $ 8 billion deficit as fuel tax plummet in value due to the pandemic. 

It is known that in 2020 about 721,5 million parcels were delivered to Pennsylvania.

“This concept definitely demonstrates that there is potential for good income. I think this can be a significant source of funding, whether it be highways or local roads,” said Jenny Granger.

The Pennsylvania Truck Association is considering the proposal.

The spokesman said in a statement:

“PMTA is considering a proposal to set delivery charges for parcels and will follow on more details on how the charge might look like, including how it will be administered and charged. Transport finance and infrastructure support is vital to our economy in Pennsylvania and across the country and we understand this is a complex issue. PMTA will continue to work on behalf of the trucking industry with TROC and the general assembly as they analyze alternatives. The most successful transportation financing solutions will have low fee cost and fair apply to all users. If the proposed parcel delivery charge meets the requirements, we can support it. “

New York and Colorado are already considering similar taxes.


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