5 tips to keep your truck tires in heatwave

July 19, 20210

Today is boiling hot in some states of the United States. At such times your truck tires are especially at risk of explosion.

We made a short list of tips to help keep your tires safe in extreme heat.

Recommendations for trucks in hot weather:

  • Check the tire pressure more often.

Hot roads can cause serious damage to tires, but if you monitor the pressure, you can always spot the problem early.

  • Wait till the tires cool down before checking the pressure!

The friction and heat from the road heat the tires, that will increase the pressure in them. Wait till they cool down to get an accurate measurement.

  • Don’t be afraid to stop. You may have deadlines, but in the force majeure event, you definitely won’t be able to meet them! That’s why find the time for stops every 2 hours to allow the tires to cool down.
  • Take some extra time to check your tires during the pre-trip inspection. A few extra minutes for searching of defects can save you from harm in future.
  • Sometimes tires burst no matter how carefully you take care of them. Just be prepared for this, especially in hot weather.

If the wheel does explode:

– Don`t panic.

– Make sure you have cruise control turned off.

– Don`t slam on the brakes – when you slam the brake, the truck naturally wants to move away from the burst tire.

 – Press on the foot throttle – by applying speeding, you force the front of the truck to lift and lift the rim with the burst tire to get off the road. This will allow you to drive the vehicle with good tires and safely drive the truck to the road side.

Have an easy road!


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