In Florida trucker got shot while driving

February 10, 20210

On February 8th in St. Johns County, Florida, a trucker got shot.

At the moment of the attack, he was driving down the route I-95, leading north, not far from Duval Street. The shooting started five miles from a truck stop.

The truck driver and his girlfriend Dorcy Simmons were heading home. Simmons told that she was sleeping, when her boyfriend was wounded. By a miracle, being injured he managed to park at the truck stop after driving another 5 miles. When driver told Simons about the onset, she called 911.

The trucker was delivered to hospital in Jacksonville. Simmons is asking the public to help locate the attacker.

“If anyone hears someone bragging about how he shot someone on the road, let us know, report to the sheriff’s office,” Simmons said.

The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office said the suspects drove away in a silver or gray car. The investigation continues.


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