Truck Drivers Talent Search

February 11, 20210

For more than 8 years, Overdrive along with Red Eye Radio have arranged Talent Contest among the truckers.

To enter the competition candidate needs to record a video where he sings a song at home or in a cab of a truck. The record can be made on a regular smartphone. What’s most important is the sound quality!

Next the video has to be uploaded to the applicant’s YouTube channel. If there isn`t one, it must be created. Then fill in the form by March 28th.

The jury will select 3 participants, who will meet in the final and present videos with the second song for the online battle. The winner will get a day in Nashville’s recording studio, including production and support of professional musicians.

Attention!  Videos from bars or karaoke, where it`s difficult to hear the performer’s voice, won`t be considered. Participants who used autotune for voice correction will also be disqualified.

You can read the contest rules here.


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