Bridge opened in Washington will simplify goods traffic

July 7, 20210

The new four-lane bridge and the traffic circle in Washington are already opened to truckers.

Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) announced that Wapato Way East Bridge and the State Route 99 traffic circle over I-5 are already opened for transport.

As stated in WSDOT, four lanes of the new Wapato Way East Bridge will be able to pass twice as many vehicles than before. Multi-lane traffic circle on State Route 99 will reduce the number of traffic jams into the Tacoma port and back.

The bridge and roundabout will replace the nearby East Bridge on the 70th Avenue that will be soon knocked down. According to WSDOT, this project is an important stage as part of the State Route 167 Completion project of Puget Sound Gateway program that will eventually extend the route between Puyallup, Washington, and the Port of Tacoma.

Drivers can move around the Wapato Way East Bridge so far, however, construction will continue during the summer. Interurban Trail will be extended and connected to a pavement and cycle lane width 12 ft on the bridge.

The beginning of the next building stage of State Route 167, the construction of a new road with length 2 miles between the I-5 and the Port of Tacoma is scheduled for 2022.

“It’s nice to witness this landmark event in the Puget Sound Gateway program,” said Roger Millar Transport Minister, Washington. – This lays the base for creating an important infrastructure for all travelers and shows how important for WSDOT are the freight traffic, passengers and transport in our projects. This program enhances the economic competitiveness of Seattle and Tacoma ports and helps to create work places close to residential areas in South King and Pierce Counties, reducing the road to work and providing multimodal alternatives for trips to Seattle alone. “

“To maintain competitiveness, we need to pay attention to the needs of the industry and the economy,” said the commissioner of the Tacoma Port Dick Martzano. – Investments in roads, such as the construction of SR 167, are important for connecting ports, they guarantee what we continue to serve as an economic engine for Pierce district and state, and also reduce traffic jams. “


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