In which states the special traffic control is expected in a week

July 8, 20210

Next week the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) will conduct an important annual check on abidance of driving regulations.

It is known that Operation Safe Driver will be hold in the USA from July 11-17. This time special emphasis will be made on speeding, that more often than other violations leads to fatal accidents.

CVSA said that car drivers received three times more warnings and fines than truckers within the past year. However, reckless driving behavior still applies to all types of vehicles.

In 2020, the number of violations decreased by approx. 20% compared to 2019. But in previous years, there was still a tendency towards an increase in the number of violations. Most of the dustups and incidents were coming from speeding.

Take a look at the following infographics that illustrates the attention allocation on speeding on the road.

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