Deadly dangers for truckers beyond your awareness

July 6, 20210

The work of a truck driver is one of the most difficult. However, you can`t even imagine where a lethal risk might wait for you.

In this job, it’s easy to get a serious injury or even worse if you don’t pay enough attention to basic stuff.

In a driver’s cab

  • Distracted driving is a huge danger to both the life of the trucker and other road users. Put away your phones and messengers when you take the wheel of the truck.

  • Unsafe areas. A lot of accidents with truckers took place in badlands and poorly lighted areas.

  • Sometimes drivers blow off a full truck`s check before starting a trip and pay for it with their lives. Even a minor breakdown can create a serious problem along the way.

  • Fast driving in bad weather states. Even in sunny weather, you should not rush too fast. A sharp turn at high speed can cost you your life.

Outside a truck

  • Always stay sharp in a parking lot or cargo area. You can be hit to the platform by another driver who didn`t see you when he was backing up.

  • Be careful when climbing onto the roof of a trailer or truck. Use the ladder and the other person’s backup. At a height, it is very easy to lose balance and fall down.

  • If for any reason you need to get under the truck – ask a colleague or partner for help.

  • Never climb under the trailer by yourself! If you need, for example, remove a pin lock, place the back of the truck`s frame under the trailer. If suddenly the chassis breaks down, the truck will support the trailer and won`t crush you.

Think twice before doing any kind of activity with the truck. Remember that the decision you make is vital to your safety and the safety of others.

For everything else, there are workshops!


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