$ 900 fine for breaking snow chains law

September 22, 20210

Starting this week, truckers who will be stopped due to violation of the antiskid chains use will be subjected to severe fines.

From September 25 new Oregon law will increase the penalty for breaking the antiskid chain law. The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) points at the cost of trucks` delays as the reason to increase the fine.

“The estimated cost of delays caused by trucks not complying with Oregon laws for the trucking industry is more than $ 8 million per year. When a truck loses a road-holding, it can not only delay a delivery, but also delay other travelers,” ODOT said.

Oregon law requires all truck drivers to install snow chains “if road conditions may require them to be used or if special signs are standing.”

Oregon Chains Law

Oregon’s Snow Chains Law applies to all highways in the state. When you are in winter conditions, you may see signs indicating that the use of snow chains is compulsory. In some places, illuminated information signs will also inform you when a road-holding is required. Off-road tires may be used instead of chains on vehicles with a GVW of 10 000 lb or less that are not being towed or tow other vehicles.

According to Oregon Law, studded tires are legal from November 1 to March 31. Due to the damage caused by studded tires, the Department of Transportation recommends motorists to use studded tires only when necessary.

In typical winter conditions, the following vehicles are completely or partially exempt from the chain law. However, in very bad winter road conditions all vehicles may be required to use chains regardless of the type of vehicle or type of tire being used.


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