Truckers complain about the fraud with “inflated” road toll

September 23, 20210

A driver from Maryland said he had been charged unreasonably high fares for a long time. Trucker gives some tips.

Mike Daman reported that he had been billed incorrectly at toll booths in Maryland for several months. At the same time, the customer service didn`t offer any help, as he said.

Trucker said it started in mid-April. Daman crosses the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore quite often and must be charged a preferential fee every time he crosses the bridge. But according to the driver, he is rarely charged a discounted fee, and more often he is billed at a standard rate.

“It happens that the cost is $ 1,40, and then I receive ten invoices in a row at $ 4,” complains the truck driver.

These complaints come after an official audit of the Key Bridge tolling system, in which the Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) admitted that some equipment had inflated driver fares in 2019, but this has been adjusted since that time.

Additionally, in April, MDTA switched to a new operating system – at the same time, Daman said, he began to notice inconsistent fares. The new system, called DriveEzMD, allows using EZPass transponders and includes a new website, new payment methods, and even enhanced customer service, although Daman has been unable to take advantage of such services.

“The last time I tried to get through was two and a half hours,” Daman said. “About an hour and 45 minutes – two hours of waiting, and then 45 minutes spent just trying to talk to someone.”

Apparently, Daman isn`t the only one: a driver named Donna Ann Ward claimed that she also was charged the wrong fare. As she explains the responsibility for the exact fare falls, unfortunately, on the shoulders of the citizens themselves.

An MDTA executive made the following statement on Monday:

“… One of our E-ZPass account specialists is investigating Mr. Daman’s case. Please note, however, that the toll records are protected by law to maintain the privacy of our clients, so I can`t provide specific details on his case. ”


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