«Truckers started to work less and get more» – The survey shows

October 2, 20210

A CCJ survey found that 83% of fleets increased pay for their truckers at least once in 2021.

The percentage of fleets in which there was a decrease in the number of truckers was 57% among those fleets with more than 500 trucks.

Only 14% of fleets pointed to an increase in the truckers’ affordability.

Robert Lowe, President and Founder of Prime, Inc. Said the company was able to retain more drivers in the workplace than in previous years.

The average affordability of truckers for Prime during the workweek was around 82%. According to the president of the company, this figure is only 73% lately. This change means that about 10% of the power is gone from the system, which affects the range and the amount of cargo, as he noted.

At the TCA conference, Lowe praised the fact that truckers are earning more than ever before. «They should be proud of their wages,» he said.

Mark Seymour, president and chief executive officer of Kriska Transportation, agreed with Lowe’s opinion. He believes that higher wages can reduce the productivity of companies.

By the way, Kriska, a cross-regional operations company, with a main office in Prescott, Canada, owns a fleet of 350 trucks.

«I think there is a grain of truth in the fact that the more we pay our drivers, the less they work hard,» Seymour said. «This means they are likely to work less and earn the same amount in order to achieve a better work-life balance.»


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