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October 4, 20210

You`ve probably heard more than once from travelers that trucks and truckers are “the most dangerous things that can come across on the road.” But no.

The number of legislations that are being passed in the field of freight transport certainly outnumber other decrees dealing with automobilists. Huge trucks often scare people around and many believe that truckers are ready to break the driving rules, if only they are paid their salaries on time.

However, most law enforcement officials will agree with the fact that the most dangerous thing on the road is not a truck or a trucker, but “unsafe behavior.”

Truckers are actually some of the most important police assistants on the road:

• Like law enforcement officials, truckers continue to drive when weather and road conditions become less than ideal and when natural disasters and emergencies require an immediate response. Truckers know that their cargo delivers goods and services to those who need them badly.

Emergencies like hurricanes or fires bring out the best qualities in the bravest of people, and truck drivers are definitely among them.

• Truckers often come to the rescue of strangers. Despite the restrictions on working hours, truckers will help free of charge anyone who is in a difficult situation on the side of the road.

You must have seen footage of the dramatic rescue events more than once, when a trucker pulls people out of burning cars and is ahead the rescue service. A much more common case occurs when truckers arrive at the scene with a fire extinguisher. And they really know how to use it!

• Law enforcement officers have received help from truckers more than once. There are hundreds of cases where truck drivers are desperate to get things done right, even when they are working in difficult conditions.

• The best thing that truckers do on a daily basis is reporting about dangerous drivers. Truckers, like caring fathers of the roads, worry about the safety of other road users. Many drivers share their experience with younger and less experienced drivers at the best training centers, one of which is Start CDL Training.

Preliminary statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that the number of fatal accidents in 2020 increased by 7,2% compared to 2019, although overall traffic has decreased due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But the number of fatal truck accidents dropped by 2% last year, which is good news for the industry.

Trucking is a noble and interesting job. If you are ready to learn more about it and gain a unique training experience from wordly-wise truck drivers – welcome to Start CDL Training.

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