Heatwave in the USA: survival tips for truck drivers

June 14, 20220

The National Weather Service Prediction Center in College Park, Maryland, is warning of extreme heat in the coming days.

Several municipalities are planning to open cooling centers. The officials began informing residents about shelters, where they can hide from the heat.

Hot weather tips for truck drivers:

Stay Hydrated

Always have plenty of water available and make sure to keep hydrated. Even with the A/C going in the cab, you may still get dehydrated when it’s hot outside. If you are lucky enough to have an auxiliary power unit, you can power a small A/C unit if you can’t idle your truck at night. With diesel prices at record levels, many do not want to spend that extra money. Additionally, some companies and local laws prevent idling. If you can, use a small fan or cooling blankets. There are also products that fit around the neck to keep the body cool at night or during the heat of the day.

About Air Conditioners

The cool air feels nice and is essential when it’s hot outside but be careful not just to crank up the air conditioning all the time. It burns more fuel and can risk overheating the engine.

Find a comfortable temperature and use the protection to help stay cool in the cabin.

Protect Yourself from the Sun

The truck’s cabin will not completely protect you from the sun’s heat and UV rays.

Your left arm and the left side of your face will usually get the worst of it, being next to the driver’s side window. Wear sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses and even a long-sleeve shirt to maximize your protection.

Watch the Weather Forecasts

Just like you would during a stormy winter, you want to check the weather forecasts for anywhere you are driving in the summer. This will help keep you prepared.

Afternoon thunderstorms are common in different parts of the country during the summer months, so be extra careful in those conditions.

Check Tire Pressures Regularly

Hot roads can lead to more tire blowouts. Always check your tire pressure at each stop to ensure that your tires are properly inflated so that you can minimize the chance of a blowout.

Be Aware of a Driver Influx

Summer also brings a lot of vacationers traveling all over the country.

This means many more drivers and cars will be at truck stops and at rest areas. Be respectful of other drivers and be mindful of your truck at all times on the road.


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