Arizona Trucking Association calls I-10 lane restriction ‘stupid idea’

June 13, 20220

The Arizona Trucking Association disapproves of ADOT’s decision to restrict semi-trailer use to the right lane of I-10.

The Association believes that attempting a “solution” could aggravate the situation.

The Arizona Department of Transportation announced a decision to restrict truck traffic on the right lane of Interstate10 between Casa Grande and Phoenix in an attempt to reduce the number of crashes seen on this two-lane stretch of highway.

“They told us about it,” said ATA President Anthony Bradley. “We directly put them on notice of the stupidity of this decision.”

“We asked, if they are going to do this, that they create some space for us so that we can pass by … They have listened to us and, obviously, they are doing what they think is necessary …” Bradley continued.

“We made it clear to them that many of these accidents are likely to be caused by speeding cars driving recklessly down this corridor,” he said.

“Moving all trucks to the right lane does not solve this problem.” “This is a situation where 20% decide and 80% do what they want. You will have cars in the left lane holding people back. People will have nowhere to go and will continue to cause accidents.”

ADOT spokesperson Garin Groff says ADOT “will be monitoring the situation if there are any unforeseen consequences. And will make adjustments if needed.


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