Developers solve problem of stopping self-driving trucks by police

June 15, 20220

What are law enforcement officers doing when they need to stop an unmanned truck?

Autonomic truck technology developer Embark Trucks is working with the Texas Department of Public Safety to answer this question.

A recent viral video showed a confused law enforcement officer approaching a self-driving car that took off at crossroads. Although it was a little strange, it was an illustration of some of the problems that come with stopping autonomic vehicles.

Embark is working on creating interaction with emergency vehicles for Embark-powered self-driving trucks to identify, stop and cooperate with law enforcement vehicles.

The company is working with Texas DPS to train Embark-powered trucks to identify law enforcement vehicles in situations such as traffic stops and to develop communication protocols and standard operating procedures between unmanned trucks and law enforcement officers.

Embark plans to publicly demonstrate the ability to interact with emergency vehicles later this summer.


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