Pennsylvania Turnpike was opened, fees has been already charging at the site

October 19, 20210

At the weekend the Pennsylvania Highway Commission opened a section of the Southern Beltway, also known as PA Turnpike 576.

The 13-mile southern ring road between US Route 22 and I-79 connects with the existing six-mile section of the ring road known as the Findlay Connector.

The new southern ring road leads to I-79 on the Allegheny-Washington County line.

Officials say the southern ring way is expected to lessen traffic congestion on Western Boulevards, I-79 and State Route 50.

Due to the complexity of the construction of the new route 22 – I-79, the project was parted into nine construction sites. The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC) completed seven sections of the project, the remaining two sections are still under construction.

The South Ring Road project at a cost of 800 million U.S. dollars has been under development since 1985. But work on it began only in 2014.

According to the PTC, there will be three toll gates on the South Ring Road, which is an open road toll system that uses aerial tolling stations to charge customers.

Highway drivers will be charged through their E-ZPass accounts or PA Toll By Plate program, which takes a picture of the license plate and sends the invoice to the registered vehicle owner.


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