In the US appeared tech that recognizes flat tire at high speed

June 30, 20210

A new technology is gaining popularity in Nebraska, it allows to detect a flat tire on a truck while driving.

The Nebraska State Patrol says the new system “built into the road surface of I-80, it detects a flat tire on a commercial vehicle when it is moving at permissible speed limit. The system then marks the vehicle and requires the trucker to stop at the weighing station and check the flat tire.”

“The new technology actually pursues two aims,” said Lt. Mike Maytum of the branch of NSP Carrier Enforcement Division. “First, we want to identify these cars, stop them and make sure they are safe. Second, we want to allow companies that are doing their job well to continue doing it well, and enable them transport goods and services safely across the United States. ”

Also, a number of cameras is included in the system, they scan truck license plates and the DOT number of each vehicle. In this way, the system checks for safety problems related to the truck or company.

“We now have a system built into the concrete that reads the tire indications of trucks traveling at 75 mph and tells us if there are flat tires,” added Lt. Maytum. “We can stop this vehicle, check it`s information, and then make sure it is repaired properly before letting it go further.”


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