Don’t you dare to drive without these apps!

July 1, 20210

It`s impossible to imagine modern life without the use of smartphones. With the growth of their popularity, the demand for specialized programs that make the life of an employee of any industry easier was increased. For truck drivers the developers came up with a variety of apps that provide drivers with quick access to information, fast business operations and solving almost any issues on the road.

Among thousands of applications, we selected the most necessary and even obligatory programs for installing on a smartphone that will make your life on the road easier, more comfortable and more enjoyable!

Before installation

• Read the fine print to see if the app has paid features

• Read user reviews on Google Play or Apple Store

• Take time to find and read the application’s terms of use and especially its privacy policy. It won`t be very pleasant to know that your data can be used or sold


A great app providing real-time navigation and updates provided by real people in the app. Some of the updates include police presence, accidents and traffic jams.

FleetSafer Mobile

Very handy during Safe Driving Test Week! The app blocks any messages that you may receive while driving, and automatically replies to them with the phrase “I’m driving”.


An app that will help you manage better your time on the road. By using it you can create daily to-do lists, set reminders, and share tasks with colleagues and family. Very comfortably!


An electronic journal that allows drivers to keep track of working hour. The app will also send notifications of any errors or violations to help you avoid fines.

Trucker Tools

This is another application that makes life much easier for a truck driver on the road. It offers updated fuel prices, traffic information and helpful instructions.

Drive Weather

The program shows an accurate weather forecast that you may encounter on your specific route.

Park my truck

The trucker’s eternal problem – where to park the truck – can be solved in one click! NATSO’s Park My Truck system allows any parking provider – commercial or public, paid or free – point their truck parks.

Have easy roads!


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