1300 trucks out of service due to brake problems

June 23, 20220

Nearly 1,300 commercial trucks were taken out of service due to brake problems in a one-day inspection.

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance said law enforcement checked 9,132 commercial vehicles in April. On April 27, 46 jurisdictions in Canada and the US removed 1,290 commercial vehicles for brake-related vehicle inspection violations. There were also 1,534 violations of brake hoses.

CVSA provided the following data:

1. Wear extends to the outer protective material. In this category, 32% of cases of brake hose/pipe abrasion were identified. Category 1 violation is not a failure.

2. Wear spreads through the outer protective material to the outer rubber cover. 37% of violations are associated with abrasion of brake hoses.

3. 13% of brake hose/tube abrasion violations were classified as category 3, which is not a decommissioning violation.

4. In category 4, abrasion resulted in fraying, tearing or cutting through any part of the reinforcement layer of the tissue/steel meninges. This is a non-working state. 18% of violations associated with abrasion of brake hoses / tubes belonged to category 4.

Compared to last year, category 4 brake hose/pipe abrasion violations increased slightly from 17% to 18%.

CVSA conducts two major brake safety inspection and enforcement events annually.

This year, Brake Safety Week is scheduled for August 21-27.


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