Idaho gets dynamic tire and system inspection on I-84

June 22, 20220

In Idaho, weigh stations are implementing a new technology for checking commercial vehicles.

The technology will be installed at an eastbound I-84 weigh station near Declo, Idaho. The I-84 westbound weigh station in the same area is already equipped with this technology.

The new technology will include a Weigh-in-Motion system that can weigh a moving commercial vehicle as well as verify the vehicle’s credentials using license plate readers and an automated vehicle identification system.

The system can also identify commercial vehicles with under-inflated tires.

If the system identifies an offending truck, it will use electronic indicators to direct the truck to the weighing station at the port of entry.

“During peak times, weigh stations often exceed capacity and are forced to close or allow trucks to bypass the weigh station until the lineup at the station is cleared. By combining Commercial Vehicle Information Systems and Networks (“CVISN”) information with the weight, the weigh station can focus on high-risk vehicles, allowing compliant carriers with good safety records to bypass the weigh station.

Not only does this greatly improve the effectiveness of the weigh station, but it provides a considerable benefit to the trucking industry by making the roadways safer and reducing wait times at weigh stations for compliant carriers, thus reducing fuel costs and greenhouse gas (“GHG”) emissions,” said tech provider International Road Dynamics Inc. in a news release.

Five adjacent Idaho sites are already using the Weigh-in-Motion technology.


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