New bill forces truckers drive in right lane during snowfalls

January 12, 20220

New law obliges trucks run in the right lane during winter storms.

After hundreds of drivers were stuck on I-95 for all day last week, Virginia State Senator Dave Marsden started working on legislation that allows truckers to drive in the right lane during bad weather.

Marsden goes that the bill is his response to the interstate I-95 shut down in the Fredericksburg area, when all were stuck in cars for 24 hours without food, water or access to toilets.

“Earlier this week, we faced severe weather conditions in Virginia, due to that big trucks slid and collapsed, resulting a complete blockage of I-95. I’m working on a bill that will help avoid such problems in the future,” Marsden tweeted on January 8th.

Marsden plans to present the bill at the 2022 legislative session, which starts on January 12.

Pennsylvania has a similar law that requires tractor trailers to remain in the right lane on roads where the speed limit is lowered due to hazardous weather conditions.


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