More patrols on Pennsylvania roads – PennDOT increases surveillance over truckers

January 13, 20220

Pennsylvania State Police say police force presence on Interstate 78 in Pennsylvania will be increased. That`s because of an increase of serious violations and accidents on the motorway.

I-78 in Berks County, Pennsylvania, near Greenwich Township, will be at the center of enhanced police surveillance, with particular attention to construction areas along this stretch of road. Additional enforcement is part of the effort to reduce accidents in the area.

“We have other people in law enforcement, our truck inspectors are there, concentrating mainly on the construction area,” said public information officer Trooper David Beohm.

Beohm says the policemen are doing their best, but the drivers themselves have a huge role to play in keeping everyone safe.

“If PennDOT asked in the message not to drive on the roads this evening, otherwise there will be trouble – then perhaps it is worth postponing the trip to the store or guests,” – said Beohm.

In addition to increasing patrol vehicles on highways, PennDOT is running a work area speed control program that places cameras in construction areas, including along I-78 in Berks County.

The program aims to reduce speed and increase drivers` safety on the road. Since March 2020, speeding incidents have dropped from 67% to 37%, PennDOT officials said.

Beohm advised truck drivers to “look beyond their hood” in order to avoid unpleasant situations on the road.


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