Walmart expands CDL program for private fleet

January 24, 20230

This week, the company that runs the world’s largest wholesale and retail chain, Walmart, announced an expansion of its private fleet and a pilot 12-week CDL program.

In an announcement on 18th Jan., Walmart stated the expanding of the Associate-to-Driver program, launched last year in Dover, Delaware, and Sacramento, California. 56 people have already successfully completed the program and Walmart decided to increase the team of truckers.

The Associate-to-Driver program allows their team members at stores, distribution centers, fulfillment centers, and transportation offices within a 50 mile radius of a participating transportation department to apply for truck driving.

“Once they complete the 12-week program and receive a CDL, they can begin the coveted truck driving experience at Walmart. Walmart driver incentives start at $110000 in the first year with the company,” Walmart said in a statement.

The American Trucking Association declared Walmart one of the safest fleets in the 250+ million-mile division for six consecutive years. From day one, we’ve been helping drivers prepare for every aspect, with a focus on values such as safety, courtesy and pride, so we never disappoint our team and customers,» Walmart said in a statement.

Progress does not stand still and today high-quality CDL can be obtained online, being in any state. Certain centers also offer housing assistance during the program.

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