Pennsylvania bill will help port truck drivers

January 25, 20230

State legislators have renewed efforts to reimburse Pennsylvania companies for their tolls while transporting goods to and from ports along the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

An analysis by the Port of Philadelphia found that shippers using the Port of New York/NJ achieved $167,000 in annual savings compared to Philadelphia.

Shippers save $500,000 annually by using the port of Baltimore.

“Due to tolls on the Pennsylvania Turnpike – and the lack of tolls on highways like I-80 and I-83 – our port facilities are losing market share to New York, New Jersey and Baltimore,” Sen. Christine Tartaglione, D-Philadelphia, wrote in a memo to Senate lawmakers. “As a result, Pennsylvania and its taxpayers are essentially subsidizing the ports of Baltimore and New York/New Jersey.

“Companies need to use PhilaPort but have to pay hundreds of dollars to and from the port.” The senator added that slowdowns or rising costs are hurting businesses, the people who work there, and the communities they support.

This is Tartaglione’s third attempt to propose a bill to address this issue.

This year’s version of the bill is in the Senate Transportation Committee.

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