Study reveals state with most aggressive drivers

September 20, 20230

In a Forbes Advisor study, 10,000 drivers were surveyed about aggressive colleagues encountered on US roads. The survey was conducted to solve the problem of the high percentage of road accidents.

The study found that:

 • Arizona topped the list of states with the worst road rage rates, while Delaware is home to the most polite drivers in the country.

• Five of the 10 states with the most aggressive drivers are in the South, including West Virginia, Virginia, Oklahoma, Alabama and Texas.

• Four of the ten states with the most polite drivers are in the Pacific and Western regions, including Idaho, Wyoming, Washington and New Mexico.

The top 10 states with the most dishonest drivers include:

1. Arizona

2. Rhode Island

3. West Virginia

4. Virginia

5. Oklahoma

6. Alabama

7. Connecticut

8. Illinois

9. Texas

10. Ohio

Drivers reported experiencing aggression most often on city streets (29.18%), highways (26.59%), and parking lots (14.9%).


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