Report showed top 10 truck drivers’ issues of 2021

October 25, 20210

The American Transportation Research Institute released a report that highlighted the most pressing issues in the trucking industry.

More than 2,500 carriers and drivers of commercial vehicles took part in the survey.

The survey results were announced over the weekend during the 2021 American Transport Associations Management Conference and Exhibition in Nashville.

The main problems chosen by the drivers were:

  1. Driver compensation and truck parking
  2. Detention/Delay at customers facilities
  3. Fuel prices
  4. Driver training standards
  5. Hours of service rules
  6. ELD mandate
  7. Driver distraction
  8. Transportation infrastructure/congestion/funding
  9. Speed limiters
  10. CSA

The top three driver concerns were driver compensation, truck parking and driver training standards.

The three main concerns of the owner-operator were fuel prices, truck parking and driver compensation.

The main questions chosen by trucking companies were:

  1. Driver shortage
  2. Driver retention
  3. Lawsuit abuse reform
  4. CSA
  5. Driver compensation
  6. Insurance cost and availability
  7. Diesel technician shortage
  8. Transportation infrastructure/congestion/funding
  9. Driver distraction
  10. Detention/Delay at customers’ facilities
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The fifth year in a row truck drivers shortage ranks first among other industry problems.


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