Pennsylvania stopped using weight stickers

March 19, 20220

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation announced that it’s phasing out weight class stickers.

PennDOT announced that since January 29, 2022, all requirements for labels with the designation of weight categories have been removed. Instead, according to the Department, attention should be paid to modernizing and streamlining processes, for clients too.

PennDOT says the elimination of weight category stickers won’t affect revenue because application fees are charged according to established fee schedules.

The statement about the possible refusal of stickers with weight categories was discussed back in 2020.

«Historically, trucks with a registered weight of 5001 pounds or more were required to have a sticker on the inside of the windshield indicating the weight class of the truck,» said PennDOT Secretary Yassmin Gramian. «It was an outdated and unreliable indicator for law enforcement and inconvenient for the industry/vehicle owners. A reliable way for a law enforcement officer to determine the registered weight of a vehicle is to view the current registration card.

Rebecca Oyler, President and CEO of the Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association (PMTA), said «Removing weight labels is a win-win for PennDOT and the trucking industry to cut costs and reduce unnecessary red tape.»

«PMTA has long supported a change that will benefit approximately 1.6 million commercial and non-commercial vehicle owners,» continued Oiler.

The weight category of the vehicle is printed on the vehicle registration card, which is in the vehicle and presented when the vehicle is stopped. Law enforcement determines the registered weight of a vehicle by looking at the current registration card. Law enforcement also has access to the record to verify the information on the registration card.


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