Brave trucker rolled over his truck to save another driver

June 17, 20210

In Michigan, the meaningful actions of a trucker saved another driver from an absurd death.

The accident occurred on the morning of June 14 in Burnside, Michigan, at the road crossing of M-53 and M-90.

According to witnesses, the milk tanker was heading south on the M-53 when the vehicle exited onto the road from the M-90 and turned left in front of an approaching truck. The truck driver immediately turned left to avoid a collision with the car, which caused spilling all milk out of the tank. The truck itself turned over before the tank and truck were disconnected from each other, and the cab was thrown into the field.

Fortunately, the truck driver survived, with only minor abrasions and bruises.

Michigan State Police Sgt. Jeff Boller said the trailer truck rolled over at least once.

The trucker was taken to the nearest hospital. According to the police, both the car driver and the truck driver were very lucky as they weren`t injured. The police praised the actions of the truck driver, who sacrificed his truck to save the life of the car driver.

“The truck driver saved this man’s life by doing it. Tracker could have died when his truck rolled over”, Boller said. – “They were both very lucky… And it’s good that he transported milk, and not gasoline or other substances. The consequences could have been much worse.”

The truck was so damaged that it had to be taken apart and pulled out by using construction equipment.

The driver of the car received a fine, and his car wasn`t damaged in the result of the accident.


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